Letter to Dr. Abou El Fadl: "Thank you for writing 'The Search for Beauty'

Dearest Prof. El Fadl,

Although I know that you have received many letters of admiration and praise and that there is, understandably, a good chance of this letter not reaching you there is something strong inside me urging and compelling me to write to you. I want to tell you how much it means to me to have read your “Search for Beauty" (many, many times) and would like to thank you for writing it! I want to tell you that your thoughts are like a heavenly balsam that cures souls and hearts; a heavenly portion that instills hope, love and compassion purging despair, hatred and greed to those with pure hearts and souls. Your reflections are wonderfully soul-illuminating, life and beauty affirming.

Whenever I feel down and heavy clouds surround the entire me, reading “the Search for Beauty” casts them away ever so gently.

Whenever I yearn to experience spiritual vigour and delight reading “The Search for Beauty" is where I start.

Whenever I need strength to overcome my anxieties and fears,

Reading “The Search for Beauty” takes them away and brings me to tears.

Whenever I need guidance, wise advice and moral valour,

I turn to “The Search for Beauty” and its Divine splendour.

Prof. El-Fadl, it is my sincere, utmost desire to meet you in person and I pray to God that one day, although, I live far away, I will have the honour and the privilege to attend your class. I wish to embrace you and hold you as if you were my long lost brother I have never met! Otherwise I would consider my life unfulfilled!

May the Most Merciful, grant you a long life and give you ample strength and health to continue with your vision!

Adis Duderija, Perth, W. Australia


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